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Depression Mental Health is Moving.

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I would just like to inform any readers and followers of this site that Depression Mental Health is moving to a new site: BEYOND MY LABEL.NET : www.beyondmylabel.net

Why? I would like a completely new name that is more appropriate to recovery in mental health.

Sincere apologies for those who have joined as a subscriber and to those who are following this site on social media. BEYOND MY LABEL will have similar features and the option to also become a follower. I will let you know shortly about becoming a subscriber and other new ideas there are for www.beyondmylabel.net

Sincere thanks,


Me (Paul) in Siberia.

Me (Paul) in Siberia.



mental health worker. i am interested in peer support, recovery of mental health, psychotherapy, psychology and mental health in general. i live in australia.

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